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The environmental chemistry group is involved in education activities at numerous levels.  

We teach in the Umweltnaturwissenschaften Bachelor curriculum, the Environmental Sciences Master curriculum in both the Biogeochemistry and Pollutant Dynamics Major and the Human Health, Nutrition and Environment Major.  Follow this link for a list of our offered courses.

We participate actively in outreach activities, including Zukunftstag, SATW TecDay, and Scientifica.  Our outreach coordinator is Dr. Jeanne Tomaszewski.

We are engaged in research training and mentorship for Bachelor, Master, PhD and postdoctoral researchers.  If you are interested in joining our research efforts, please contact the sub-group leaders.

Kristopher McNeill: Open positions

Michael Sander: Group page

Martin Schroth: Open positions

Elisabeth Janssen: Group page

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